Autism is a congenital neurobiological disorder, perceived to result from the brain and nervous system either having variant structure or different operation. It prevents the individual from interacting with others, causing withdraw into oneself. Autism, generally occurring before 3 years old, has negative impacts on the individuals’ social communication, interaction and behavior.  

 Mild signs of similar conditions and symptoms are called autism spectrum disorders.  Autism is a complicated disease whose causes are related to the genes that effect the development of synaptic connections in the brain. It is unclear whether multiple gene interactions, or rarely occurring mutations are involved in the emergence of autism spectrum disorders.

 Contrary to the claims, it is not scientifically proven that vaccination, especially in childhood, causes autism. It is known that one out of every 88 children suffers from Autism. This ratio is 4 times more in male children. Autism cases have increased significantly since the 1980s. Research done in the United States shows that, while in 2009, 1.2% of the students were diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders, this figure reached 2% during the 2014-2015 education period.

 Although changes have been observed in many areas of the brain in autism patients, a clear definition of the progression of the disease couldn’t be made.   Parents generally notice signs of the disorder within the child’s first 2 years. If autism can be diagnosed in its early stages, it is possible for the child to gain the skill of taking care of his/her own needs, and social interaction and communication skills, but it cannot be completely cured today.

 In the last few years, it has become clear that DNA is not limited to protein coding functions. Real genetic coding is implemented in three ways at the level of brain function: Linguistic, Holographic and Quantum. This means that our chromosomes use DNA, RNA and protein constructs from the development of the human embryo to adulthood by programming them just like a quantum computer. This is very important in autism, and we use umbilical cord blood, newborn child placenta and childhood photographs with special sound spectra to create holograms in our treatments.