Although chronic fatigue is a very common syndrome, people who suffer from it don’t concern themselves with the disease and try to overcome and recover from it. Chronic fatigue syndrome is often thought to be related to overwork. People generally tend to find their own solutions to get rid of the syndrome. They make changes in their sleeping hours, take long vacations, and believe that a change of scenery will help. These are the first measures people take.



Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease and has a place in the international category of diseases called myalgic encephalomyelitis disorders. It represents a complex formation of several symptoms. And these symptoms are generally related to an ongoing fatigue, not measurable by exercise, lasting even after full and long periods of sleep. In addition, chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed based on the presence of the following symptoms for several months:

  • Pain and weakness in the muscles.

  • Sleep disorders

  • Concentration problems

  • Memory loss, extreme tiredness after intellectual work

  • Long term recovery following normal physical activities

  • Wandering pain in joints

  • Swelling in cervical lymph nodes

Psychological symptoms: Restlessness, anxiety, depression, apathy, nervousness, and drowsiness

Physical symptoms: Tremor, weight loss, decreased or increased appetite, depression



Chronic fatigue syndrome develops slowly and gradually. People generally seek medical help following a decrease in their general life quality. Doctors emphasize the following main causes underlying the disease:

  • Long periods of work without taking rests

  • Chronic sleep deprivation

  • Frequent and long term stress

  • Having to make difficult decisions and find ways out from difficult situations

  • Physical fatigue

  • Extreme cognitive workloads


After the chronic fatigue syndrome has been diagnosed correctly, many methods have been introduced for the treatment of such patients and for the prevention of the disease. In addition, spa programs were developed as preventive measures for those at high risk of this disease.


Today, as one of the innovative techniques, with the Wave Genetics technology special sound matrix programs are being developed to cure the pathological disorders.

Implementing the Wave Genetics technique yields results as such:

  • Increasing physical and mental performance

  • Improving mood

  • Relieving the feeling of constant fatigue

  • Eliminating other symptoms associated with the chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Increase in the activity of the immune system

  • Improving resistance to stress

  • Reaching an emotional consistency

Wave Genetics technology eliminates the symptoms of the disease, while it also increases the patient’s quality of life.