The causes of Down syndrome were not known until the mid 20th century. But a relationship was assumed between a mother’s age and Down syndrome. However, it was known that Down syndrome wasn’t restricted to one race. Down syndrome was systematically categorized for the first time by the English doctor John Langdon Down in 1866 and identified as a syndrome. The syndrome came to be known as “Down Syndrome” taking the doctor’s name.  In 1959, Jérôme Lejeune defined it as the trisomy of the 21st chromosome. The theory was that the syndrome was caused by a combination of genetic and hereditary factors. In the twentieth century Down syndrome began to spread.

Children with Down syndrome generally grow more slowly in terms of height and weight. They learn more slowly and they have more difficulty in problem solving and decision-making compared to other kids. Their intelligence levels remain lower than normal. However, there can be a significant increase in intelligence levels with good and early education.
Children with Down syndrome can continue their lives as normal individuals with good education.

Given the opportunity, they can develop a profession. They can reach the level where they can sustain their own lives. Down syndrome requires physical therapy, special education and language therapy. Overall this demands a well planned and programmed professional help.


With Wave Genetics, children with Down syndrome have problems in learning and speaking that can be eliminated.

As the body resistance increases, Wave Genetics strengthens the immune system against diseases.

Wave Genetics ensures that they are involved in life in such a way as to meet their basic needs.