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Dear Gariaev, I want to share my happiness with you. We had contacted you because my grandchild is autistic. He started primary school in 2012. Because he is both autistic and has visual impairment, the principle stated during the enrollment process that he could be accepted for a trial period until the New Year. After he began to listen to the Matrix you prepared, he got 5+ points from the Math exam and his teacher said that this was a rarely seen result among autistic kids.  He began to play games with his girl friends at school without getting bored and managing to remain calm. He even claims the role of a father or a teacher in those games. The keywords for me here are not being bored and remaining calm. As we can tell from mild bruises and scratches on him when he comes back from school, he communicates and plays with boys too. No complaints have been made regarding my grandchild by other parents either. According to what the school counselor says, he shows great performance in all non-math courses as well. He studies even harder now; encouraged by the praise he gets about the grades he receives from verbal and written exams. The summer before he started to listen to the Matrix, he asked me “Why can’t I see with my eyes?” and we had talked about everything with him. I told him about the alternative sight and he made a conscious decision to take interest in the matter. We visited the doctor in St. Petersburg and I asked the doctor to explain to my grandchild what happens in his DNA after listening to the Matrix. The doctor told him that the sounds he hears first affect the cerebellum and then affect the surrounding areas of the brain, working also around the eyes, and that he should definitely keep on listening to the Matrix. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this art and I wish you and all your friends happiness.

№ 37971416

I have been listening to the Matrix you prepared for 3 months. Because I work in daytime I only have the chance listen to it in the evenings and when I go to bed. I wanted to share the results I gained. Three years ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and I had medication treatment for a long time. The most important and worst problem for me was a rotten smell similar to mold when belching followed by a severe pancreatic pain. I sought your help because medication hadn’t yielded any results for me. After I started to listen to the Matrix you prepared I can say that my pancreatic pain completely vanished and never came back. Eating was a problematic issue for me and even though I like it a lot, the moment I would eat french fries my stomach would react rapidly. Generally I wasn’t able to eat potatoes, even boiled ones. After I began to listen to the Matrix I ate french fries and I didn’t experience any of those old symptoms.

Also, following the listening, I gained 4-5 kilos and my appetite increased. I want to thank you for all your help. I still use the Matrix you prepared and I believe I will even get a lot better.    

№ 5-4981395938

I had caught a cold last summer and it was followed by inflammation in my bladder. After struggling with high fever for a week I decided to take antibiotics, but probably because I didn’t notice the disease when it started this was a late attempt for treatment. A week later I decided to see the doctor and went through a general check. I was diagnosed with Pathogenic Coli bacillus Cystitis. Test results showed severe inflammation and a largely active amount of Coli bacillus. This was followed by a larger number of infections in my body. Two months later I was face to face with prostate enlargement and five months later I wasn’t able to stand on my feet. I was urinating with the help of the probe they placed on me. I was experiencing constant and severe pain. I started to use the Matrix you prepared in the 6th month of the disease and my pains disappeared in a few days. And in 2 months, my urinary and reproductive system completely went back to normal. I spent the winter and spring free from any signs of the disease. We went on a mountain vacation in summer and slept in tents. Now it is fall and my body is functioning as it used to. I am convinced that our bodies have all the resources necessary to deal with any kind of disease. I want to thank the academician Gariaev and all his coworkers. You saved my life.  

№ 5-241259592

Hello, I first started listening to the Matrix on 29.04.2014. At first I was listening 5 times a day, then I gradually started listening 10 times a day. While listening, in order to increase the energy flow of my body, I would open my palms and be in touch with the surrounding energies too. I experienced the first results on 12.05.2014 and noted them in my journal:

Today it has been two weeks since I started listening to the Matrix. One of my cervical disc hernias had shrunk and the other, 2cm one completely disappeared. Apparently I will be able to go back to my old life very soon. Everything I had read in Gariaev’s studies started to happen in my body too. They used  ​my one-year-old photo to prepare the Matrix. Parallel to these improvements, the squeaking sound in my knees disappeared. That used to bother me a lot when I walked. The middle and ring finger of my right hand were crooked as a result of a fall when I was 10 or 12 years old. The joints had swollen after the operation and they had remained that way. Now the swelling on my fingers went down and they are of normal thickness.


The large hernia shrank another 1cm and for the first time I felt strong. I moved my arm for 40 minutes without lifting any weights and after the exercise I felt no sign of the hernia. It’s almost been 5 months since I started to listen to the Matrix and I am now in the phase of deep rejuvenating. The results are unbelievable. New, black hairs began to grow among the whites. My eyebrows, which used to be rough, thick and white, began to get darker and softer. And my nails recovered their healthy looks. My skin is starting to get softer and smoother without applying any additional products. The rough patches of skin on my elbows and heels have gone and the elephant skin effect on my knees disappeared. My joints, especially my knees became very flexible. My body movements are smooth and light. These are tangible changes. I tried to observe the psychological changes as well. I am now 73 years old and I am translating in many language pairs texts about developing modern technologies in the area of physics. Even though I work a lot, I don’t feel signs of tiredness and old age. I want to thank everyone. I hope Gariaev receives a Nobel Prize. I am very pleased with the Matrix I listen to. I hope all the people can get to know this treatment.

№ 5-255112

Hi, I don’t know how to thank Gariaev for the Matrix. My husband and I weren’t able to conceive for a long time. My husband is 45 and I am 40 years old. We were completely worn out. Our doctor told us about your treatments and suggested to use the Matrix. I have to admit that nothing changed at first. We were both listening to our individual Matrixes. But as the days passed changes began to occur. My morning dizziness diminished. My husband had gastritis and he was getting constant treatment but that also disappeared in time. Now he doesn’t need medical treatment. My period cramps are gone. I even lost 8 kilos without the help of any diet. Two months later my doctor said that I should listen to the Matrix during sleeping. And a month after that I got pregnant. Our child is now 6 months old and I am pregnant again. I want to send my deepest gratitude to Gariaev and his team who made it possible for me to be a happy mother.