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Hello, here is my story:

7 years ago, on the 8th of July in 2005, I had C7 compression fracture; my seventh cervical vertebra was fractured. I have been living in a wheelchair since then. By chance I came across Peter Petroviç Gariaev on the TV show, “Theory of the improbabilities of the origin of life”. The academician Gariaev was talking about the Linguistic Wave Genetics. I asked myself why not give it a try? At least I can say I tried rather than doing nothing. I sent an email explaining my condition. The reply came on the 27th of May and it said just one thing: “We can try.” To be honest I was a bit doubtful. Then I read the story of Dr. Nadezhda Ustinova and contacted her. She told me what could be done with explanations. Dr. Nadezhda Ustinova sent me the first General Matrix program on the 15th of June 2012. At first I had doubts about listening or not listening to it and I was in fear. I remembered that nothing could be done for my situation so I began to listen. Before listening to the Matrix I have never felt such things. I was feeling warmth in my feet and some tingling. Also the spasticity (severe contraction of the muscles) has disappeared.  I had 3 hours of peaceful sleep. I was so surprised.

The Matrix program based on my childhood photo arrived on the 5th of July 2012. I can’t describe my feelings. Even though I wasn’t seeing my feet I could feel which position they were in. I could feel they were my feet.    

When I woke up in the morning of July the 17th, I couldn’t believe the positive state of mind I was in. There was no sign of spasticity or anxiety. All I felt was extreme sleepiness. I feel tingling on my feet when I listen to the Matrix program. Spasticity is disappearing, albeit slowly. My general health is improved.

Changes that occurred on the 22nd of November 2012, 4.5 months after the Linguistic-Wave Genetics treatment began:

Skin and soft tissues began to regenerate. I burnt my feet a month ago and the injuries recovered rapidly. I had sacral wounds, now I don’t have any wounds on my body. I can feel hot and cold touches. Now I feel my body is complete and I believe I will be able to walk!

I visited the brain surgeon on the 2012 November the 15th.  He was very surprised at the result of my spinal cord renewing itself. He said that the spinal cord tissue that was damaged because of a contusion lesion renewed itself. The renewal process of my spinal cord is progressing a bit slowly, but it is proceeding with sure steps. 7.5 years have passed since the trauma. Up until July 2012, until the Matrix treatment, there was no change in my condition. As far as I understood, the more time passes after the trauma, the longer it takes for the body to regain its old functions.

I am K.K.İ. I stand by everything I wrote here. I want to thank the genious Russion scientist and academician Peter Petroviç Gariaev and Dr. Ustinova Nadejda Vasilyevna.

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Hello. I am 37 years old. I want to express my gratitude for the Matrix program Gariaev prepared. I got pregnant with my second child after 14 years. My first pregnancy period was very challenging and I was scared about how I would go through this pregnancy. I appealed to Gariaev for his help and I began to use the Matrix program he prepared based on my childhood photo. I listened to it regularly all through out my pregnancy. My doctors were surprised by how good my health condition was during the check ups.  The baby developed faster than normal. I didn’t experience any abnormality, toxicity, bloating or high blood pressure. And I kept going to work till the end of pregnancy and I never felt exhaustion.

My daughter was born on 2014 April the 17th. She was 4 kilos and 55 cm tall. Doctors said that her Apgar score was 9. Now, even after the birth we keep on listening to the Matrix with my daughter. I recovered quickly and my daughter is growing and developing fast compared to her peers. Therefore, based on my very own experiences, I recommend to everyone who wishes to a have an unproblematic pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child to listen to this program.

I am grateful to you, thank you so much.

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Hello Gariaev, I am writing to inform you about the changes we experienced after beginning to listen to the Matrix you prepared based on the photo. My sister is 71 years old and she had palsy on her right side. We make her listen to the Matrix program you prepared, regularly twice a day. Changes began to occur in two weeks. She started to walk by herself without any help. Earlier she used to hold the wall for support. Now her health condition is perfect. Apathy is behind her. A month later she didn’t have any white hair and her foot functions better. She can now go down three floors by herself.

Thank you so much!

№ 11173637

Hello Gariaev. I was diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus in 2009. And according to the doctor who conducted the fibro scan I had had the disease for 10 years. I never experienced any symptoms. But about a year later, I started to feel something in the pelvis minor area. Then I wasn’t able to walk or sit because of the pain. I could only lie down on my back. I consulted to many doctors. Urologists, oncologists, and gynecologists couldn’t make a diagnosis for three years. Later my diagnosis was confirmed to be cystoscopy (interstitial cystitis). We were told that this was a very severe and incurable disease. There is nothing I haven’t tried: Homeopathy, phytotherapy. I used various medications and my liver got damaged. For two years I struggled with severe pain, sleep deprivation and many other difficulties that accompany this kind of cystitis. I was worn out, and I resembled a grandma. When I came across your studies on the Internet and got information about your Matrixes, I thought that you could help me.  I have been listening to the Matrix correction program you prepared for a month. I started the process beginning on the first night. First I experienced pain and as you suggested I took a break from listening and decided to wait. Three days later the pains decreased and I started to listen again. For the last 10 days I have been listening to it 3 times a day; morning-noon-night. My sleep got so much better. When I listen to it at noon my I get into a great mood. I don’t need to sleep every two hours anymore to get some rest. I am more energetic. My liver aches less and as far as I can feel the inflammation that had occurred five months ago is over. I would like to say that since I started to listen to the Matrix, I haven’t been taking any medication.  I feel better with every new day. I don’t take No-spa anymore; I used take two tablets 2-3 times a day. My bladder improved. I used to urinate 30-40 ml tops, now I can urinate 70-100 ml. My eyes began to see better. When I talk on the phone my friends notice that I sound so much happier. And my family says that I look better.

Thank you so much!

№ 814186630

Doctors diagnosed my mother with Alzheimer’s. We got a Matrix program from you that you prepared from the photo. We have been listening to the Matrix for 17 days. Initially we were listening to it twice a day: once in the morning, once in the evening. On the second week we started to listen to it three times a day: once in the morning, once at noon, once in the evening. Although they are not as rapid as we would like them to be, changes began to occur. My mother can now go to the toilet without help and actually that is a great improvement for us!!! Her speaking got better too, but what is most interesting is that her ankles, which would be swollen and painful to the touch, have become softer and she feels less pain. Even her varicose veins diminished. As far as I understand she needs to listen to the Matrix for another 6 months. My mom sleeps with the Matrix and she sleeps deeper now. For now she sleeps 10-12 hours a day. When she is sleeping I play the Matrix with a prayer in the background.    

Thank you for everything.