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Hello. I have been listening to the Matrix for a month. I can’t believe how something like this could be possible. It feels like I have no Arthritis whatsoever. The pain in my feet is gone. The swellings on my knees completely disappeared. I can now climb up and down the stairs easily. The joint aches on my shoulders are gone too.  Medicine is not able to cure psoriatic arthritis. I was told this was a systematic disease. Psoriasis started to disappear after a week of listening. White blemishes remained after the wounds and a week later they also disappeared. I had surgery with the cervical cancer suspicion. Despite all the antibiotics I was on, irritancy and inflammation followed the surgery. Thanks to the Matrix I was listening to, there was no irritancy or inflammation anymore. It seemed like all my gynecological problems were solved. I used to have herpes on my lips and it was cured right away in 2 days. I just had high blood pressure in the last 4 days but I think that was because I was listening to the Matrix night and day      constantly. Now I adjusted my listening schedules according to the plan you gave and my blood pressure is back to normal. Having no ache in any part of my body is such happiness that I can’t describe in words.

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Hello. I am writing to you about my 74-year-old sister’s condition. She is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We noticed the disease by chance. She was admitted to the hospital because of lung problems but it turned out the real cause was ovarian tumor. As a result of this tumor, her lungs and pleura were gathering water. They said it was too late for surgery and she would have chemotherapy. We got the Matrix program you based on her photo. After listening to it for two weeks her health was stable again. Her blood pressure is 100/80, she is feeling good and she keeps on recovering. The yellowness on her skin has disappeared, acid also diminished, less liquid comes out from the hole they probed into her stomach and the hole is also getting smaller. She feels so much better. There is still swelling in one foot. But she tries to exercise and go for short walks to keep the muscles working. So we now have some hope!

Doctors’ opinions: The chance of recovery for the patient has significantly increased. Acidity completely vanished. And the tumor growth stopped. And the doctor can touch the tumor (because she had stomach inflammation and her organs were in a complex condition they weren’t able to do that before). They will now begin the second chemotherapy treatment session.  (Because she is old they had a committee meeting and they all agreed that she responded to the treatment!)   

Doctors say that even though the patient is old and she has stage-4 Cancer, chemotherapy is showing success in a way that can be seen in very few people. (Of course, they don’t believe in the Matrix program the patient is listening to, but my sister does and she listens to your program five times a day on a daily basis.) She feels better and she exercises to strengthen her weak heart and muscles.

Thank you so much.

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Hello. I have been having acupuncture treatment as a result of a concussion I had. Also I regularly listen to the Matrix you prepared. It’s making unbelievable changes. I feel completely different thanks to the Matrix. It feels like my whole skin has much more elasticity. The dandruff on my hair roots disappeared by itself. I wake up full of energy at 6 in the morning and I keep feeling energetic until I go to sleep at night. I am continuing to listen to the Matrix, which helps a lot to get rest as well. 


Female, 54 years old

Diagnosis: Stage-3 Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy treatment was applied after the cleaning of the tumor and surgery of the lymph nodes. A few months later, a metastasis of 4cm appeared beneath the area where the tumor was cleaned. The recurring tumor is hormonal. The patient started to use the Matrix after the third chemotherapy. She refused medical treatment on the basis of her heart condition getting worse. We didn’t continue chemotherapy because of her cardiovascular disease. After a month of listening to the Matrix, the tumor began to shrink and went back to normal. Two months of listening to the Matrix resulted in a %50 shrinking of the tumor. And 3 months following the listening to the Matrix, clinical diagnosis observed the regression of the breast and lymph node tumor metastasis. She refused surgical and medical treatment. Not the patient feels great. Cardiologists avoided medical treatment because her heart functions are back to normal.


Male, 62 years old

Initially diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer with bone metastasis, additional controls proved that there was no metastasis on the lungs and the symptoms were just of the bones. On which organ the root of the disease was couldn’t be identified. After the second stage of chemotherapy, MTS was detected on the right supraclavicular area (above the collarbone). A surgical intervention was planned but cancelled taking into account the risk of speeding up the tumor’s growth process. It was decided for the patient to keep on chemotherapy. The patient refused chemotherapy. After genetic analysis Pancreatic cancer was identified.

Positive results were observed after a month of listening to the Matrix: there was no identification of pathological lymphocytic nodes above the subclavian areas. The patient continues to use the Matrix treatment.