Female, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Autism and cerebral paralysis from birth

Methods used prior to the Matrix:

Classroom integration, Craniosacral therapy, Dolphin therapy, Emotional integration, Visual treatment, Music therapy, Art therapy, Animal therapy, Work and activity therapy, Caffeine and gluten free therapy, BKBK diet, Vitamin B6, Magnesium.  

Despite the various therapy methods, no positive results were gained. The child had difficulties in communication and social interaction, speaking difficulties and difficulties in face recognition.

Changes observed following the use of Matrix for 2 months:

Sensitivity to sound, touch, taste, smell, light and color increased. She started to respond when her parents talked to her. And after 3 months she said her first words. She started giving correct answers to her parents’ and specialists’ questions. Valine, leucine and isoleucine (amino acids) are required for a series of synthesis of proteins and other biologically important components. Clinical analysis detected and branched-chain amino acid on three levels. These values were lower before the use of Matrix. She has been using Matrix for 4 months and her treatment continues.

№ 6780150

Hello Gariaev. I have been listening to the Matrix for a week before going to sleep. I believe you and your colleagues are magicians…! Now, let’s talk about the results of the Matrix. Gariaev, just the previous day of listening to the Matrix my heart pain completely disappeared, pain which had been going on everyday in the last 1-2 years. Secondly, my skin was very allergic because of synthetic clothes and underclothing. Now the rash and irritation are gone. After the irritation I would have pimples on my body and when scratched they would turn into wounds and take a long time to heal. I am surprised to notice that the wounds now begin to heal the next day. After three days most of the wounds were healed. I used to feel tired and uncomfortable even if I would sleep until 2 in the afternoon. After listening to the Matrix I had a sudden energy explosion. Most importantly, whereas I spent my whole life struggling with getting up at 08:00, now I stay up until 2 or 3 at night and I wake up at 9 in the morning at the latest. Even though I like physical activities and work, at the end of the day I would feel dead. Now even after heavy physical activities I don’t feel tired. Gariaev, I am grateful to you and your employees for the surprising discoveries you made in Genetics and Microbiology and all the hard work you put into this.

№ 6780149

Good morning. I want to thank you for the discovery you made. I have been wearing minus degree glasses since first grade of primary school. Towards the end of primary school both of my eyes had reached -8. I have been living with my glasses on at all times since then. After beginning to listen to the Matrix, in addition to my general health improving, my visual impairment that was worsening significantly had ceased to deteriorate. Now I started to make up for the time I had to stay away from books and screens. Soon I will be getting my glasses with a much smaller power.


Male, 85 years old

Diagnosis: 10 years ago; right artery stenosis - 75%, left anterior descending artery stenosis - 98%, diffuse lesion of the circumflex artery - 90%, first diagonal artery stenosis - 95%.

Conclusion: Regeneration of three coronary vessels. Angioplasty carried out by stent implant on the left anterior descending artery.

After the surgery, an inflammation period began due to Mycoplasma Hominis (Microorganism that causes genital system infection) and E. Coli (Cystitis) bacteria. Cancer was not completely stopped. The patient was very weak and almost completely inactive. Radiotherapy deteriorated the liver and kidney functions. Patient was sent home. Cardiologist suggested a new surgery for the stent. After using Gariaev’s Matrix program treatment, the patient’s dysuria (painful urination) and hematuria (the presence of blood in urine) stopped. After using Matrix for a month, Ultrasound results showed a 40% decrease in the bladder inflammation, and 35% shrinking of the tumor. After using the Matrix for 2 months, the patient started to move without getting help and the pains were gone. The cardiologist changed the medication for the heart development. Results taken today confirm that the cancer completely regressed. The patient’s condition is well within a satisfactory level. He continues to use the Matrix for E. Coli treatment. 


Female, 24 years old

Diagnosis: Bipolar affective disorder (BAR). Previously named depression, psychosis with manic phase change (manic-depressive disease).

The patient received mild medical treatment of antidepressants with atypical intervals. She used typical antipsychotic and anti-anxiety medications. Manic symptoms included being overly joyous even in inappropriate situations or depression. Along with that, she experienced melancholia, sorrow, anxiety and nervousness, waking up at night over and over again, loss of interest in school, eating, sexual life, feelings of guilt and unworthiness, hopelessness about the future, difficulty to focus, a constant feeling of tiredness, and thoughts of suicide and death.

The patient has been using the Matrix for 3 months.

Conclusion: She feels more relaxed and stable. Feelings of inner restlessness diminished. She recovered from depression completely. She started to go to school again. She is making new friends; her nervousness decreased and sleeping went back to normal. The constant tiredness is gone. Doctors cut the neuroleptic medications.  She continues to listen to the Matrix 3 times a day.