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Hello Gariaev, it has been a month as of today since I started to use the Matrix you prepared. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing positive changes after a treatment. After the first listening session, the noise in my head and my headache disappeared. My blood pressure went down and never went above 150/90 again. The throbbing and the wheezing of my lungs are gone. I can now walk freely without using inhalers and suffering from difficulty in breathing. For the first time in two years, the swelling in my foot went down; the pain and ache went away. Recently I went on two business trips and I managed to walk comfortably by myself without the help of the walking stick. These are unbelievable results for me. I know there is still some time for me to recover my health completely but these results gave me courage and hope. I had a total of 3 breaks from the treatment in a month. On the first time, my blood pressure went up to 180/90. My pulse went up to 110 and I had a severe rash. The second time I stopped (on the 6th day of using Matrix) I experienced the same symptoms but they were milder that time. I will keep on listening to the Matrix until I recover my old health. My wife’s condition is similar to mine too. But at the moment we are not financially well equipped, so after we save some money, we will order the Matrix for my wife and also for a couple of my relatives. Finally I would like to thank you and your colleagues for all the contributions you made to science. 

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Good evening, Gariaev.

As you requested, I want to inform you about the results my Down syndrome son had after listening to the Matrix. He began to listen to the Matrix exactly a month ago and I noticed some positive changes in him. He is now more active and energetic. He is more eager to communicate with people he doesn’t know. He began to trust us more and now he walks holding our hands and began to articulate syllables such as “ma”, “da”, and “ba”. His teachers at the rehabilitation center are praising our son. They tell us how his curiosity and interest in his environment have increased.  

Thank you so much for your help.

Regards, A.

№ 6780154

Dear Gariaev,

It has been 10 weeks (15.09.2013) since I began to regularly listen to the Matrix you created from my 6 month-old childhood photo. I wanted to share the first results with you.

As you know, the most important problem I had had was about my eyes. In 2007, it was diagnosed that I had 80% vision loss in the center of my right eye. And since 2011, the dark spot located in the center of my left eye’s visual field prevents me from seeing, and has slowly started to grow. By September 2013, I could no longer write or read using my left eye without the help of a magnifying glass. And my right eye was almost completely blind. I was only able to see large objects by peripheral vision. Ophthalmologists in Russia and Cyprus told me that vision loss is not a reversible process, and that they can only slow down the process, but it is ultimately incurable.

During the first 4 weeks of listening to the Matrix, I didn’t notice any changes in my body. But starting with the 5th week, signs of improvement began to present themselves in both my eyes.

Especially after the 8th week, the improvement process accelerated.

  1. The images perceived visually were being deformed and fractured. I wasn’t able to recognize the letters in a text. Vertical and horizontal lines began to get clear. Now, I can see even fractured or blurry images as straight lines.

  2. Dark spots at the center of the visual field began to shrink and their intensity decreased. Not only in my left eye but even the spots have shrunk that have been on my nearly blind right eye since 2007. I began to see brightly lit objects. Thus the sensitivity of my visual cells increased.

  3. My color perception improved. Neither of my eyes was able to detect the color red in lights. Now they can. My right eye wouldn’t process the color yellow, it would appear white to me and the leaves of the trees would look like dark blue-green. Now my right eye can see the colors correctly but of course not as bright as my left eye can see.

  4. My visual accuracy increased and this is very important for me. I can read newspapers and even smaller fonts with my right eye. And with the left eye that had been almost blind, unable to distinctly see car plates, I can now read the newspaper headlines.

These results are real breakthroughs considering the helplessness of modern science. Thank you so much.

№ 6780153

Greetings, Gariaev.

I want to tell you about our daughter’s health condition. Our daughter has cerebral palsy (paralysis of the brain) and autism. She doesn’t talk. These are all the results of her premature birth. Two months ago, our doctor told us about your studies and advised us to buy the genetics Matrix that restructures the body. Therefore we consulted for your help to improve our daughter’s health. You created the Matrix for our daughter based on her mother’s photo. Our daughter has been listening to the Matrix everyday for a month now. We notice she became more peaceful and her hysteria attacks diminished. She now communicates much better with us and with her brother. Her behaviors have more tolerance and she is more submissive. We hope that there will rapid changes like that in her speaking too. I want to thank you for your work. Our deepest regards, Y and Y.Z.

№ 6780152

Dear Gariaev, thank you so much.

Here are the results of the treatment: My mother is 60 years old and due to her age, she had 2nd degree cardiac insufficiency and that decreased 80%.  Her gum diseased is cured. Her doctor says that the soft tissues began to regenerate. Sometimes she would have climate-related severe headaches and she was tired of swallowing handfuls of pills. Now those are gone as well. It has been 24 days since she began to listen to the Matrix and it is great to have these results for the problems we have been struggling to solve for 28 years. Thanking you 100,000,000 times wouldn’t be enough!