№ 6780156


Hello Gariaev,

We have met you during your visit to America. You prepared the Matrix for a girl who has Autism and cerebral hypoxia. After getting the Matrix, her family began to make her listen to it regularly and with your permission I want to share the results.

When they came to take the Matrix you prepared using her mom’s and the girl’s photos, I opened the Matrix to show them how it is used because the girl has terrible concentration skills-it is impossible to keep her still for even a minute. She has had these Autism symptoms since she was a child. As soon as we opened the Matrix she stopped and began to listen to it with great curiosity. Her family said that they have never seen their daughter like this before and this was an unbelievable situation. Thinking that the sounds in the Matrix wouldn’t be too pleasant for normal people I started to play a song quietly on the background. But as soon as the girl heard the song she lost her focus and interest. I gave the Matrix to her parents and explained them how it is used. Two days later, the father called me and said they were very pleased with the Matrix effect. The girl was asking to play the Matrix a couple of times a day and since that day she had been very calm. Her behaviors were getting less aggressive and her concentration was higher.

They said that they weren’t expecting to get such results and asked me to pass their gratitude to your. They will inform me again as the treatment advances. 

Regards, Y.

№ 6780160

Hello Gariaev,

I have been listening to the Matrix since June 19. I am now in the 5th week. I usually listen to some of it everyday and sometimes I play the whole program on a low volume when sleeping at night. As I wrote to you before, my sleep got much better and I am calmer. A few days ago I had to walk a lot. I had to climb to the 4th floor a couple of times and I used the stairs a lot that day. I was very tired. My foot, especially my soles were aching. But there was no pain, not even a small amount of pain in my knees. I realized it only the following day. For years whenever I had to take the stairs there would be pain in my right or left knee. The severity would change but it would always be there. I was so pleased. I even told my coworkers about you and gave them your Internet address, though they were a bit sad to see the prices. I want to buy the advanced phases of the Matrix too but I need to save some money first.

Thank you.


№ 6780159

I constantly listen to the Matrix academician Gariaev prepared. I listen to it especially when I am driving because most of my day is spent driving. I started to see better at nights. Objects are brighter and clearer. My eyes and my body used to feel tired when I woke up in the mornings. Now none of that happens. I noticed my muscle and spine structure is improving when I am sleeping, now I don’t have lower back pain. My hair slowly began to go from white to dark. I wish this would happen quicker but this is also good enough. Many thanks to my doctors, Nadejda Ustinova and Gariaev.   


№ 6780158

Hello, I believe my throat will be a good reference to your Matrix.

  1. If food hurts my throat, my throat immediately swells and difficulty in swallowing begins. Recently I bought a honeydew melon and after the first bite I had difficulty swallowing. I listened to the Matrix for an hour before I went to bed and when I woke up my throat was fine.

  2. I have been listening to the Matrix for a week. All the tiredness and listlessness is gone. I feel like I am flying.

  3. Matrix’s first area of influence is my eyes. I never wear glasses anymore. It is as though someone came and fiddled with the display settings and made it clear.

  4. I am a hairdresser and I am on my feet all day. My feet used to swell and ache towards the evening. Especially I had severe pains on my right foot because of muscle relaxation. All of them are gone now.

  5. Now I am waiting for the acne and sores that had been on my face for 10 years to disappear. Most have them dried but I need more time...

I want to thank academician Gariaev and his colleagues.

№ 6780157

Diagnosis: Thrombophlebitis in the lower extremity (Vascular wall inflammation).

Doctors stated that it was gangrene and the only treatment would be amputation, the surgical removal of the organ. Listening to the individual Matrix yielded positive results. After listening to it on the first day, I walked to the bathroom on my own. At the end of the first week, my incurable trophic ulcers (inflammatory and bleeding wounds, generally seen on feet) that had been present for two years were cured. I used to experience painful cramps a few times a day and they disappeared. After two weeks I no longer needed to cover my feet in bandages. The swelling in my feet is gone and they look different. A light colored tissue began to form.  After listening to the Matrix for three weeks I began to look 10 years younger. My face used to resemble to a worn out grandfather face as if I was wearing a mask. My hair began to get darker. Also I used to have blood clots in my lungs and I used to cough a lot. Now I can breathe normally and I don’t feel like suffocating when talking or walking. 

I have been listening to the Matrix since the end of June. My mood has changed completely, I am much happier now. I have never felt this good before. Many thanks to Gariaev. 

G.V.A. born in 1947