№ 6780161

Hello Gariaev,

You created a Matrix program based on my children’s photos in August 2012. At first I was listening to it with headphones every night regularly before I went to sleep. It was Dr. Nadejda Ustinova who recommended the Matrix program to me and she previously had energy balancing sessions with me. I had been drinking alcohol regularly for 22 years, and it is hard to admit but I was an alcoholic. Since I began to listen to the Matrix in August, I never drank again. This is a big victory for me and I am so pleased with myself. I go to the swimming pool to swim, I am redecorating my house, and finally I make time for myself. I want to thank Academician Gariaev and Doctor Nadejda Ustinova.


Hello, I am D.T.

I have a daughter who had cerebral palsy when she was 8 years old.

We sought your help on the 13th of July 2011. My daughter had severe walking difficulty (she has spastic paralysis in both of her legs) and she had speaking difficulty as well. Peter Petroviç created a Matrix based on my other healthy daughter’s photo. My daughter has been listening to the Matrix for 2 months and now she is walking so much better and she talks in an intelligible way.

We would like to thank the academician Peter Petroviç for making our daughter miraculously recover her health.

Regards, The T. Family.

№ 6780164

Hello, my name is T.Ç. I am 37 years old. My husband V. is 34. We have three sons. L.16, G. 8, and E. who is 4.5 years old. E was born with Down syndrome in 2007. During my pregnancy I was telling myself that I would love my son no matter how he turned out to be. I had a great labor and on 2007 August the 11th, we took E. out to the sun for the first time. When he was 1 month old, we brought him to the Genetics Center. They drew blood from him for the karyotype test. A week later they called and invited us to share the results. Of course we were shocked and we had no idea what to do. Now, E. is 4.5 years old. Epilepsy began to occur when he was 4 but now we can deal with the attacks.  

E.’s birth gave us a broader view of life. We love him so much. We want him to grow up healthily and independently. When we were researching about what we can do to improve our child’s health, I met Dr. Ustinova in the winter of 2011. On the 26th of March 2012, we received the Matrix program Gariaev created based on my middle child’s 1-month-old photo. During last week we played the Matrix to E. everyday between twice and 6 times. The first noticeable change was he would turn and look at us when we called his name. Before he began to listen to the Matrix we would have to repeat his name 8-10 times and even then we wouldn’t always have success. Now he gets his toys in his hands with the first attempt. He responds to simple requests like “Come here, Take this, Take a seat at the table”. His speaking also improved and his vocabulary developed. He can say simple syllables like dada, gaga, mama and nana. Before listening to the Matrix he wouldn’t use these words much. But now he is always mumbling something. He expresses his anger or happiness more actively. Moreover he uses words like “Yes” or “No” more frequently. We are keeping on listening to the Matrix.

We are grateful to Nadejda Ustinova and Gariaev for all their efforts.  

Regards, the Ç. Family.

№ 6780163

Good evening.

I have been listening to the Matrix since September 2012, 3-4 times a day (6 minutes each time). Today, three of my friends noticed that I am getting younger. They each told this separately on different times, they have no connection with each other. And I hadn’t told anyone I was listening to the Matrix. The positive changes include being able to run up the stairs without shortness of breath, feeling like I am flying rather than going to work in the mornings. The acne on my forehead that had been there for 8 years has disappeared. I wake up feeling good in the mornings and I started to have vivid dreams. I can see I am getting younger. My blood pressure went down, meaning went back to normal. Thank you so much for your efforts and the discovery you made.


№ 6780162

Our daughter was born on 06/03/2011.

She was diagnosed with hereditary, genetic cystic fibrosis and severe mixed pulmonary and intestinal disease. She also had second-degree dystrophy due to poor nutrition. This was a devastating blow for us. Knowing your little daughter’s life is in danger and having to endure that fear, there is no way we can describe how we felt. 

We started researching online for treatments and we came across academician Gariaev’s studies. One website was telling about how the work Gariaev did for A.D (living in E.Burg) yielded results concerning the same disease. In January 2012 we got in touch with him with the help of Doctor Nadejda Ustinova. At Gariaev’s laboratory, a Matrix program to correct the mutant gene was created based on the data taken from my daughter’s healthy cousin.  

Our daughter listens to the Matrix program a couple times a day and in the last 5 months she never caught a cold. In April 2012, she went through a control in the Department of Pediatric Pneumology in the city of Kazan. They told us she was in good health condition. Our daughter’s appetite is better now. Her food absorption functions are at a good level. She is putting on weight and she is not coughing. We are very pleased with our daughter’s health and with all the kindness of these wonderful people.

Our friends’ son had the same disease and he was in a very bad condition. Now he is a lot better thanks to the Matrix treatment. As the H. family we want to thank Dr. Gariaev and Dr. N. Ustinova for saving our daughter.

H. S. D. 10 months