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Dear Mr. Gariaev, I would like to briefly remind you of our story. We had sought your help after the hospitalization of my mother in critical condition. My mother was admitted to the hospital with liver cirrhosis and Hepatitis B diagnoses. You made an Individual Matrix program based on a childhood photo of mine. Because my mother was staying at the hospital I was playing the Matrix to her over the phone. When she was first hospitalized she had had a serious crisis and her body was weakened from dehydration. Following three weeks of being released from the hospital, she was able to go out. And two months later, she was feeling more energetic. Now she continues her life actively, she even keeps on making homemade jams and canned food like she used to do. After my mother’s recovery, I started to listen to the Matrix you prepared with the idea that it can also help my diseases. After all, the Matrix you programmed was based on my childhood photo. I began to listen to it regularly every day and night for four months. The first changes I noticed about myself were the lessening of white hairs, disappearance of joint pains in my toes (something that was bothering me a lot), and the vanishing of the swelling in my breasts before my periods. A week ago, during that time, I started to feel pain in my right ovary (I was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of 43, now I am 51, and we had begun ZGT hormone treatment). I appealed to my doctor, and went through an ultrasound check. I heard my doctors speaking among themselves that my right ovary has become active and that I was feeling pain due to the rupture caused by the egg production.  They said the diagnosis was a sign of apoplexy and they weren’t sure whether there was a cyst in my right ovary or not.  I haven’t mentioned the Matrix I was using but I cut the ZGT hormone treatment completely and now I only listen to the Matrix.

I want to thank you for the treatment you provided.

№ 2349731

I have been listening to the Matrix for a year and I am grateful for the Matrix Gariaev and his team has prepared for me. Thanks to them, I am able to overcome my Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) disease. In the past, my cheeks would become like Hamster cheeks and I was overweight because of liquid retention. After listening to the Matrix for a month, I realized I was sleeping better, my heart rate was back to normal and I was feeling more energetic. The severe pain I used to feel in my pelvis decreased a lot. I used to get weather-related headaches all the time, but now they are so rare. My kidneys started to work normally. The biggest benefit of using the Matrix for me was being able to cut the medication I was regularly taking. I get the flu like all people but I never have high fever or night sweating. I don’t even need to take antibiotics anymore. Even my coughing lasts only a day. I usually listen to the Matrix at night. I am able to notice the vibrations in my brain when I start to listen but the most effective results I experience occur between 6 and 8 in the morning. 

I have now started to listen to myself and I wish physical and mental health to anyone who reads this comment.

№ 26965731

Dear Gariaev, I want to share my happiness with you. We had contacted you because my grandchild is autistic. He started primary school in 2012. Because he is both autistic and has visual impairment, the principle stated during the enrollment process that he could be accepted for a trial period until the New Year. After he began to listen to the Matrix you prepared, he got 5+ points from the Math exam and his teacher said that this was a rarely seen result among autistic kids.  He began to play games with his girl friends at school without getting bored and managing to remain calm. He even claims the role of a father or a teacher in those games. The keywords for me here are not being bored and remaining calm. As we can tell from mild bruises and scratches on him when he comes back from school, he communicates and plays with boys too. No complaints have been made regarding my grandchild by other parents either. According to what the school counselor says, he shows great performance in all non-math courses as well. He studies even harder now; encouraged by the praise he gets about the grades he receives from verbal and written exams. The summer before he started to listen to the Matrix, he asked me “Why can’t I see with my eyes?” and we had talked about everything with him. I told him about the alternative sight and he made a conscious decision to take interest in the matter. We visited the doctor in St. Petersburg and I asked the doctor to explain to my grandchild what happens in his DNA after listening to the Matrix. The doctor told him that the sounds he hears first affect the cerebellum and then affect the surrounding areas of the brain, working also around the eyes, and that he should definitely keep on listening to the Matrix. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this art and I wish you and all your friends happiness..

№ 115643613731

Good evening Gariaev, it has been a month since I began to listen to the Matrix you programmed based on my childhood photo. My general health improved, my sleeping order went back to normal, the severity and frequency of my pains decreased. When I go to bed at night I play the Matrix in the background. Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to listen to it during the daytime. I still have dizziness but not as frequently as I used to. Now I feel stronger and more energetic. I am aware that I need time to recover my health completely. I want to thank you for the invention you made that provides the chance to take back my old life and be healthy.

I keep on listening and getting better. Thank you so much.

№ 76334151

Hello Gariaev, I would like to thank you for the study you made. Now my belief is stronger in the possibility of incurable diseases having a cure. And there really is a hope. The treatment you apply is definitely the medicine of the future. I got the Matrix prepared for my daughter. My daughter is my 4th child and unfortunately she was born with Down syndrome. After listening to the Matrix for a month her behaviors started to change. Her doctors say that there isn’t any regression in her development. She started to grow up; she gained more height and weight. She began to smile. Now she recognizes my older children and she gets happy when she sees them. We listen to the Matrix you prepared as a family. My migraine started to decrease. The swellings in my mother’s body are gone and her blood pressure improved. All the diseases we have known to be incurable are disappearing in front of our eyes.