Wave Genetics is a scientific discipline that originated from the combination of Quantum Mechanics, Genetic Science and Biomolecular Chemistry, and whose history dates back more than 80 years.

In the early 20th century, Russian scientists AG Gurwitsch and AA Lubishev postulated that the genetic mechanism of the living organisms on earth not only operate on material, physical level but also on certain wave levels and are able to transfer genetic data via electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves.

 For the first time in the history of science, they successfully recorded experimental evidence for genetic data and ability creating a function not only on one material level, but also on more levels, such as in waveform.

These evidences made it possible to decode the person’s own genetic code and thus to program the algorithms that will govern and change the person’s genetic structure, with the aim of prolonging one’s life and reconstructing the person’s vital activities.

In time, with the discoveries on Genetics made by the world of science, today’s field of use has emerged.

After decades of comprehensive research, the founder of the Institute of Quantum Genetics, Gariaev and his team, have succeeded in explaining the basic principles of the genetic apparatus functioning on wave level, via biology and physics, and to formulize and verify its mathematical definition.



While Classical Genetics define DNA as physical, and therefore matter, Wave Genetics (WG) treats DNA in a frequency dimension.

Our DNA structure diffuses a light zone. This zone diffused by the DNA harbors certain information. This information is the most natural form of the human organism operating as it was born without being subject to any influence.

Over time, as the organism develops, that is, as it grows, this structure undergoes a change as a result of causes such as radiation or GM foods. And as the organism undergoes a change, general health issues begin to occur.

This is an inevitable result when we look at the life style we experience today.

Wave Genetics, operates by orienting to the original form of the codes within the DNA and transforms the distorted apparatus, i.e. the organism back into its original form it should be operating in.

Wave Genetics is a branch of biology and genetics. It helps the treatment of diseases and increases humans’ quality of life.

Matrix programs prepared by Wave Genetics function as a treatment support, based on the data taken form the time when your body was healthy. In short, after comparing and analyzing the present health condition your body is in and your healthy body in your childhood, it makes it possible for your body and all of your functions to return to the optimal healthy state.